How To Use Pliers right way?

How To Use Pliers ?

Pliers are used for many different purposes, from opening jars to cutting wire. But there’s a right way to use them, and a wrong way. Watch this video to learn how to use pliers correctly. Pliers are 15 different types available in Market.

How To Use Pliers right way

The Right Tool For The Job.

There are two main types of pliers: slipjoint and jaw. Slipjoint pliers have a hinge at the end of each arm, while jaw pliers have a fixed jaw with an adjustable handle. Both types of pliers come in various sizes, so choose the size that fits your needs.

How to Hold Pliers Properly.

Holding pliers correctly will help prevent injury and ensure that you work safely. Grip the handles firmly with your fingers curled under, and keep your thumb out of the way. If you need to adjust the jaws, hold them open and close them slowly until you feel comfortable.

How to Grip Pliers.

Hold the handles firmly with your fingertips curled under, and keep the thumb out of the way when gripping pliers.

How to Release Pliers.

Once you’ve gripped the jaws tightly, release them by pulling up on the handles. You should feel the jaw close as you pull. If not, try again.

How to Clean Pliers.

It’s easy to clean pliers with soap and water. Just wipe down the outside of the pliers with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to wash your hands after cleaning the pliers.

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