How to clean hand tools?

Simple Hand tools in homes helps to fix problems without much hard work, saves time and money.The Hand tools helps to complete the job on time. Tools need to store in protected place and clean them in frequent time intervals. You need to learn how to clean hand tools, that helps for long run.

Simple hand tools do not take much time to inspect, clean, maintain, and store tools.While using the hand tools on machinery , the oil, grease, chemical gets on tools. Wipe them off immediately after use before it get drys or corrosion, damage the tools as it wont be reusable.

Some hand tools need maintenance such as sharpening or dressing.

Store the hand tools in a safe place and protect from wet environment which will cause corrosion .

Check tool handles for defects such as burrs, splinters, missing/loose grips

Lubricant the tools regular basis to prevent hardening

For a long run usage of simple hand tools need to be inspected at regular intervals.

What are benefits of Keeping Simple hand tools clean?

  • These tools can use for longer period of time.
  • Save costs and time which avoids of frequent buying of tools and tools be very handy to use on jobs.
  • Improves the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Maintains the value of the equipment
  • Remove any hand tool with a defective handle from
  • service immediately.

How to remove Rust from Hand tools?

You can clean rusty tools at home, as the required Materials needed to remove Rust from Hand tools are :

  • Dish Soap
  • Citric acid or Vinegar
  • Mineral oil
  • nylon abrasive pad / Abrasive pad
  • Hand gloves

Take Water in a small bucket and mix with dish soap to create a soap solution water. With Abrasive pad rub the rusted hand tool and remove all dirt’s.

place the rusted tool into the bucket having dish soap solution and leave it for overnight to soak.

Next day remove the tools and dry tools. Next Mix the citric acid to 3 degree of water or with vinegar. Dump tools into this solvent and you will see the chemical reaction in removing the rust from hand tools. Depending the rust allow the hand tools to be in solvent for 24 hours for better results.

After 24 hours of soaking the tools, remove them wearing hand-gloves and wipe the rust from the tools. you may need to repeat the process till rust is completely removed. Once you feel that rust is removed, use nylon abrasive pad and immediately coat with mineral oil, this will stop flash rust. Rust can develop with minutes, when tool expose to oxygen(O). Recommend to use mineral oil because it is a low cost.


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