Introducing you to 7 Best Paid Surveys to start earnings from Home, You don’t need any special skills to participate in these surveys, just need some common sense and answer to the questions. Won’t need to spend more time to think, just need to respond with your instant thoughts, advice and feel about the product, service or any suggestions.

Why are these called 7 Best paid Surveys site?

The 7 Best Paid Surveys site which I’m going to share with you are legitimate and can make good earnings from your home, without any investment to setup your online home office. Spend More time to earn more money and once you establish your profile in these surveys, you will get more work and more earnings. You can cash out your money easily and no need to wait for accommodating money until threshold reached then only paid like other sites.

To Start sign up to one or three sites, starts working on them, once you get hands on experience on these sites, enroll to other sites, reason behind enrolling too many sites that you can start to earn more money and each survey you take part can pay differently, the opportunity of earning will become big and can choose surveys based on paid scale. Don’t think on.

 Paid Survey sitesMin threshold payment or WithdrawalPayment modeTime investmentJoin
1PrizeRebel500 points or 20$PayPal,Vouchers, Bank Transfer5-20 minutesSignup Now
2Pointsprize3000 Points or 20 $PayPal,Vouchers5- 20 minutesSignup Now
3SurveySavvy$1 – $5 PayPal10-20 minutesSignup Now
4Yougov5000 points or 50 poundsBank Transfer5 to 7 minutes Signup Now
5Univox $0.50 -$2.00PayPal10 minutes per surveySignup Now
6Toluna10000 points or 100$PayPal,Vouchers, Bank Transfer10 to 30 minutesSignup Now
7Swagbucks3$PayPal,Vouchers, Bank Transfer10-20 minutes per surveySignup Now


PrizeRebel is THE very best survey website in my view. I have had plenty of positive experience with them over time, created over $1000 plus they pay within 24 hours.

7 Best Paid Surveys To Start Earning From Home- PrizeRebel

Key note about PrizeRebel

  • Invest time – 5-20minutes
  • Average threshold Payment: 500 point to cash out or 0p – £20
  • Payment with 24 hours
  • Payments made via PayPal, Amazon, gift cards, Bitcoin or direct to your bank account.

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2. Pointsprize

Pointsprize is very good survey site for earning money through products and services.Collect points by watching videos,collect free bonus and daily rewards

Key note about PointsPrize

  • Time to invest : 5- 20 minutes
  • Redeem point for digital gift vouchers
  • payment via PayPal

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SurveySavvy has a very low payment threshold.

7 Best Paid Surveys To Start Earning From Home - SurveySavy

Key note about SurveySavvy

  • Average threshold Payment- $1 – $5 per week
  • Invest time 10-20 minutes
  • Payment via PayPal

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Yougov is high ticket paid survey site,you can earn 100 points in just few minutes and have high payout surveys topics.

7 Best Paid Surveys To Start Earning From Home- Yougov

Key note about Yougov

  • Invest time – 5 to 7 minutes for each survey earn 100 points.
  • Average threshold payment – 5000 points or 50 pounds.
  • Payment via Bank Transfer.

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Univox survey site is very unique from other sites, with fun filled and gaming like.

Key note about Yougov

  • Average threshold Payment: $0.50 -$2.00
  • Invest time – 10 minutes per survey
  • payment via PayPal

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Toluna is unique paid survey site, which is into product testing. When filling your profile,make sure to provide exact match industry you are into, so they can give access to same products you are good at.You get 500 points just for registering plus another 1,300 for completing your profile.

Key note about Toluna

  • How much can you make per survey? 1,200 – 50,000 points.
  • Average threshold payment 10000 points
  • invest time – 10 to 30 minutes
  • payment via PayPal, bank transfer or gift vouchers

>>> You Can signup Now for Toluna <<<


Swagbucks is best paid survey site,from this site you can earn from watching videos, playing games and shopping.

Key note about Swagbucks

  • Payout via Cash via PayPal, gift cards and prize draws
  • Payout threshold out $3
  • Average invested time 10- 20 minutes and can ear from 50p – $3 a survey

You start signup to these 7 best paid survey sites and start earning and do let us know the ones you have most success with, Write to us or comment below. Share your experience to inspire others.